To All Those That Are Struggling

To All Those That Are Struggling


I know that you are struggling, because I read it everyday on social media, in posts that are so real and human and these souls that are reaching out are in pain and just want some kind of connection.  I recevie emails of you struggling

I know, because I struggle and I feel the pain of being alone with no one to talk to.  I post my stories on social media sometimes and it’s a 50/50 chance that someone will actually reach out to help me or to offer me comfort.

Not because they don’t want to.  It’s because they are focused on themselves in the moment and have their own problems and their own stuff to work out.

You are really never alone though.

We are made up of energy and we are all connected.

The world in its infinite wisdom is out there and we are intertwined in the most energetic way.

We are human beings having a human experience and that includes struggling sometimes and pain sometimes and depression and sadness and hopelessness and aloneness.

We are never alone, not really.

We want connection and we want to belong.  One way to belong is to offer kindness and love to others not because you want it returned, but because it feels good to us to offer kindness and love.

It’s why we are here on this earth.  To connect and love and be loved.

So many posts I read in Facebook are just awful.  They are reaching out wanting solutions.  They just want to feel better.  They are hurting.

I hurt sometimes too.

I’m never alone and neither are you.  I am here with you because I think about you all of the time.  I think about how I can help and how I can make you feel worthy and enough.  We all want that.

We all are connected and never alone.  We share the same struggles and pain and hopelessness.  We are together and we are sharing our thoughts through the energy we put out into the world.  Every interaction is either negative energy or positive energy.

The only way to come out of the struggle and the pain is to offer our love and connection to others that are suffering and struggling.

Your struggle is just an illusion, in your mind as a thought of struggle.  In your heart as a feeling of hopelessness.  It may seem and feel real, but it’s not.  Your thoughts are creating your feelings and if we reach out to others that are struggling and offer our help, then our thoughts turn to service.  Serving others brings us out of struggle and into helping others.  It takes the focus off of us and into helping others with their struggle.

I can’t take away your struggle or your pain, but I can offer you two wonderful things, 1) the wonderful act of helping others with their struggles and, 2) my love for you because you are never alone, ever!

Leave me a comment below.  I would love to know your thoughts.  Please share this with someone that my tips might help.  You could change a persons life just by sharing this with them.

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