What Does Self Confidence Look Like?

What does self confidence mean?  What does it look like?


  1. a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

What is self-confidence? What is learning how to do anything have to do with confidence?

Self-Confidence is to be secure in yourself and your abilities. After all, Webster’s Dictionary says so.

Confidence is the feeling that you generate when you do anything in your life that has a positive effect.

It’s trusting yourself and keeping your word and doing what you say at the highest level. It’s working on something without making excuses or failing ahead of time.

  • Confidence is self belief.
  • Confidence is a thought.
  • Confidence is trusting yourself

Let me give you an example:

When we were just kids, my Dad took my sister and I horseback riding every single Wednesday for years. That was his day off and he chose to spend it with us doing what we loved to do. Ride Horses!

We were fearless when riding. We would just love to gallop and full on run our horses and you know the scary part? We didn’t care if we were bareback or had a saddle on? We didn’t know any better. We weren’t trying to GAIN Or LEARN confidence in our riding, we just HAD confidence in our riding and we knew that we would never fall off of our horses. We trusted our ability to ride.

Enter adulthood. LOL!  The older we get, the less we risk.  That could mean failure.

We are more mortal, we do worry about falling off or falling down, because it hurts. It’s our thoughts about what might happened, that might get us into trouble. We think we have something to lose. We are super careful.  It’s not your fault though.  It’s our brain’s way of keeping us safe.  It goes into survival mode.  But, in that mode, we never stretch ourselves and never come out of the safe zone.

We fail ahead of time in our own brains.

Confidence in our abilities become a more chosen tangible thing. Which means, we pick and choose our confidence boosting activities. You stay safe within your own brain and you make excuses.

We don’t ride our horses the way we used to.

We don’t speak up in a meeting because we might look stupid and that is definitely a confidence buster.

We people please and we seek approval because we don’t have the confidence to be ourselves, truly.

When learning new skills, what ever it might be, if it’s too hard, our brain will tell us so, we give up or put it on the back burner. We don’t keep our word to ourselves. We give up.

The only way to gain more self-confidence is to take Massive Action.

Take action toward what scares you
Take action toward something that seems too hard
Take action by keeping your word to yourself

A confident person is going to have thoughts about themselves that are good, worthy and capable.

A confident person does not doubt themselves or their abilities to learn something new and master it and they don’t give up either.

A confident person has no problem admitting when they don’t know something or don’t have the answers or when they fail.

So, here’s your HOMEWORK for the rest of the weekend:

1. Pick one thing that scares you and do it!

Here are some ideas:

1. Do something outrageous – ask for a discount on anything. (this is truly so scary because your brain will immediately go into humiliation and embarrassment mode).

2. Give someone an outrageous compliment.

3. Go up and talk to a stranger. Strike up a conversation and just go with it.

4.  Go Gallop your Horse!

So, a dare of the day. Do this for one week and let me know how you did and especially how it made you feel before you did and then after you did.

Have fun! Go get your dose of self confidence.

Leave me a comment below.  I would love to know your thoughts.  Please share this with someone that my tips might help.  You could change a persons life just by sharing this with them.

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